About Us

Southeast Land Sales & Auctions (SELSA) LLC has a team of dedicated professionals, whose real estate and auction experience spans over 30 years. We have a team of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds in education, service and work experience including IT, marketing, real estate, administration, and auctioneering. We currently have a solid team of 7, with ambitions of building to 25 active members. Our small team allows us to take a personal, one-on-one approach to each and every auction we produce. We pride ourselves on our well-structured, systematic approach, which has helped tons of clients achieve top market value.

We are constantly seeking to evolve in this ever-changing business, and strive to educate ourselves on the newest advancements in the auctioning and real estate industry. We understand that each client have their own unique set of criteria. So we take time to understand your needs, honing in on laser sharp-targeted marketing efforts, in order to generate a successful outcome. No property is ever too complex to auction off. In fact, we love a challenge. At SELSA LLC. we offer the perfect combination of superior customer service, experience and value.

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